Taste is Never Compromised

Expect the best!  Fresh, delicious, healthy and wholesome food:
that is what you get from Rapid Gourmet.
You are what you eat and we help you celebrate the best in you
with exceptional food and products.
Rapid Gourmet offers the best local foods
with a worldly perspective.

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Gourmet Gifts

Whether it is a gift basket, gourmet gift box or individual products, gifts and products from Rapid Gourmet make a lasting impression.  Treat yourself to these quality items and have them in your kitchen for your household to enjoy.  All natural and bursting with flavor, a gift from Rapid Gourmet is the most delicious way to say “Thank You.”

Meal Prep

Get back valuable time in your schedule to spend with family and friends by getting meal prep from Rapid Gourmet.  Relax.  Affordable, delicious options are available with individual meals and family packs, serving four.  Take the worry and stress out of your day and leave the planning and preparing to us. Let us know your dietary needs and desires and Dinner is Done!


Making your event unforgettable is the job for Rapid Gourmet.  We will help you create a signature event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.  Enjoy stress free gatherings, meetings and fellowship, knowing with confidence that you will experience memorable, delicious food, whether it’s a back yard picnic, formal dinner or anything in between. 

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